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We would like to invite everyone to the lovely masurian village GÓRKŁO near Mikolajki, at the lake called JAGODNE - right in a heart of the Great Masurian Lakes - to our very climatic sailors tavern Piękna Sally, which offers a superb regional food and local folk entertainment gatherings. Our chef provides a variety of home made dumplings stuffed with fish, meat, cheese, spinach, wild mushrooms or blueberries strait from the local forest; regional potato cakes stuffed with locally made cheese, wild mushrooms or home made bacon and delicious masurian fishes - golden smelt, perch or vendace.  All offered dishes are made from a local products according to old regional recipes.  A charm and taste of the dishes are highlighted by a variety of fine wines and beers.

Some of regional dishes served in our tavern:

Pagajówka - (fresh tomato soup with chicken breast, corn, potatoes, vegetables and herbs).PLN 16,-
Piracka - (spicy goulash style soup with pieces of beef, red beans, potatoes, vegetables and herbs).PLN 16,-
Wielorybna - (made on fish stock with pieces of fish fillet, potatoes, corn, vegetables and herbs).PLN 16,-
Szantowa polewka - (fermented rye flour soup with potatoes, bits of white sausage, bacon and herbs).PLN 16,-
Placki Pięknej Sally - (home made potato cakes with fresh double cream).PLN 22,-
Flaki Bosmana - (regional spicy tripe soup with a lot of herbs and vegetables).PLN 16,-
Bida z zęzy - (regional dish made of sauerkraut, fresh cabbage, meat and wild mushrooms).PLN 19,-
Pierogi z hreczką - (dumplings stuffed with buckwheat grits, bits of bacon and herbs).PLN 20,-
Pierogi z kapustą i grzybami - (dumplings stuffed with sauerkraut, wild mushrooms and herbs).PLN 20,-
Pierogi ruskie - (dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese, potatoes and herbs).PLN 20,-
Pierogi z mięsem - (dumplings stuffed with meat and herbs).PLN 20,-
Pierogi w 4 smakach - (dumplings in all four flavours).PLN 24,-
Szuwarowa wyżerka - (a plate of fried potato wedges with grilled regional sausages)PLN 22,-
Kartacze mazurskie - (potato dumplings stuffed with meat and herbs).PLN 24,-
Uczta piracka - (breaded and delicately fried perch or vendance fillet with herbs).PLN 33,-
Uczta mazurska - (breaded and delicately fried zander stuffed with home made butter and herbs).PLN 36,-
Grillowany ser z domowej wędzarni (wyrób własny) - (grilled home made smoked cheese with bacon and fresh green salad).PLN 30,-
Złocisty przysmak Pięknej Sally - (delicately fried smelt with home made butter and garlic).PLN 26,-

We are open 7 days a week between 12.00 and 24.00. Dishes are served until 22.00.


TAVERN "PIEKNA SALLY", PORT MILLENNIUM - Zurawi Kat, Gorklo 4C, 11-730 Mikolajki, Poland.

Location: 53°53'N; 21°42'E (GPRS: 53.8877, 21.7089).

Reservations: +87 562 27 03; +22 639 89 86; +48 608 34 33 22  or e-mail: office@millennium.pl.eu.org.