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About us:

We are an Association, well known in the Polish sailing community, that commands around twenty modern sailboats. We have years of experience in the building and exploatation o sailboats and sail-motor boats. We are stationed in one of the largest and most beautiful marinas in the Mazury lake district - "U Faryja" in Ruciane-Nida.

Purpose of our offer:

Our aim is to create excellent conditions for reaching both individual and institutional Clients in Poland, in a very effective manner. Our yachts reach most places on the Mazury Great Lake routes and take part in many gatherings and yacht-races organized annually in the lake district. They are chartered to individual Clients and Companies from all over Poland as well as holiday-makers from Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England and Scotland.

Manner of realization:

We will place trade marks and advertising symbols, either provided by the Client or ordered through our mediation, on the hulls and sails of our boats. We will lead a promotional campaign, presentation, or the distribution of leaflets and promotional gadgets among our crews as well as on the marina. We will organize gatherings and sailing ventures in the marina and on our boats or national boat-races sponsored by the Client. We will make our yachts available to the Client for the purpose of organizing their own advertising projects.


We await applications in any form. Our representative will provide essential explanation and detail information in the Client's headquaters. For any additional information please contact us by phone: +48 22 639 89 86 or mobile: +48 608 34 33 22 or e-mail: office@millennium.pl.eu.org.